The Scientific Journal of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW, series: ‘Economics and Organization of Logistics’, publishes theoretical and empirical results of the original scientific research in the field of logistics at the national and international level.

The journal acts as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience of scientists and business practitioners whose scientific interests and activities are focused around logistics processes, especially in enterprises. Submitted articles are published in Polish or English.

The article published in the journal ‘Economics and Organization of Logistics’, since each number meets the requirements for scientific monographs (including having an ISBN, scientific editors of individual numbers, as well as their titles), can be treated as a chapter in monograph (20 points according to the current scoring in Poland).

The Journal ‘Economics and Organization of Logistics’ belong to reviewed scientific journals indexed in the following databases:

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ISSN: 2450-8055
e-ISSN: 2543-8867
‘Economics and Organization of Logistics’ are quarterly.

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