The results of original theoretical and experimental research in the field of logistics on national and international levels are published in the Scientific Journal of Warsaw University of Life Science, series: Economics and Organization of Logistics.

The Journal functions as the platform for exchange of knowledge and experience of people of science and representatives of economic practice, whose scientific interests and actions focus on logistics processes in enterprises.

The reported articles are published in Polish or English.

Scientific Journal of WULS, series: Economics and Organization of Logistics belong to the peer – reniewed scientific journals and it is indexed in databases listed below:

– Academic Resource Index
– AGRO bibliographic database
– ARIATNA – Naukowe i Branżowe Polskie Czasopisma Elektroniczne (Scientific and Industry Polish On-line Journals)
– BazEkon
– Central and Eastern European Online Library CEEOL
– CiteFactor
– S
cientific Indexing Services

Journal e-ISSN number: 2543-8867
SJ of WULS Economics and Organization of Logistics are published quarterly.


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