Dear Sir and Madam!

We would encourage you to publish your articles in our magazine!

Papers should be sent in electronic form by e-mail to
as a  .doc or .docx file.

Editorial requirements:
All Authors are required to submit the publication in a standardized format, which will facilitate our further formatting. The file should fulfil the following requirements:
– font: Times New Roman, size 12pts,
– interline 1.5
– mirror margin of 2.5 cm
– pages numbered
– please don’t use italics, bold, caps if it’s not really needed
– the article must be prepared for grayscale printing
– all graphs and drawings must be legible (also in grayscale)
– in tables, fonts can be lower than 12 points and single spacing. All cell edges must be visible in basic style and without ornaments
– chapters and subsections must be numbered, however, do not format / highlight them.

In order to prevent cases of ghostwriting and guest authorship, the authors are asked to send a statement to the editor about the participation in the creation of the article. Ghostwriting and guest authorship are manifestations of scientific misconduct. All such events that are detected will be documented and made public.

An author submitting an article for publication bears the main responsibility for providing reliable information. Statement for authors to download below.